Happy Holidays

Season greeting’s to everyone. We are settling well into our first winter out at camp. Although it seems like we have been living in the North Pole lately with temperatures around -15 F and more snow than we have seen in years. But with those frigid temps comes the calming sound of the fire crackling and branches blowing. It is pretty quiet out here except for our two little pet fox playing on the deck daily! Kewie has some complaints about that but the girls are loving it. They sit at the door and tell each other to be quiet as our furry friends search for anything left behind. A rare moment when both kids are silent!!

The fire has been burning non-stop in the garage this winter. With many projects on the go we have managed to keep warm. We have built new kitchen cabinets for cabin 6, designed and created new bedside tables and put together a mini Zamboni for the ice rink we built between cabin 5 and 7’s dock.

Everly started school this fall and loves it! The only she doesn’t like is catching the school bus at 7 am in the dark up at the whiskey jack restaurant. She is adjusting very well and is fitting in great with all the other four year olds.

Aislynn just turned two at the end of October and can’t wait for you to get back so she can sing and talk your ear off!!

As we look outside at the snow filled trees it really is a beautiful sight. We have been watching the otters play on the ice and slide around all sweetly on their bellies. Although I am sure all of you have had an early morning surprise from those same cute minnow thieving otters!!

We end 2017 with full hearts. We love having each and every one of you here with us in the summer. Our family is so lucky to have many loving and caring guests that we now call friends. We cannot wait to start the 2018 season.

Wishing all of you the happiest holiday!! May it be filled with love and joy and may your new year be blessed!

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